About Us

Numada Holistic Massage & Spa

Located on the Placencia side walk Across from the Anglican Church. Two minutes from the main pier. Experience an authentic Belizean cultural healing at its finest. Master Reiki healer, Ayruvedic Massages with herb infused oils such as Neem, skilled facial massages for natural face lift, essential oils such as Thrives, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Lime, Eucalyptus, Rose and Patchouli.

Come on in and let our gifted and skilled therapists massage your tensions and stress away while leaving you with a feeling of complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Clients have a choice of enjoying their massage on the beach or in studio. We also offer health teas and beverages on sale.

The Team

Keesha Martinez Bech

Numada is a Garifuna word meaning, “my friend.” Keesha was an educator for over 11 years. However, her true calling had always been to help others heal and feel better. Keesha is the founder and manager of Numada massage. Inspired by her childhood experiences of growing up with authentic Garifuna healing traditions of herbs, and then living and attending school in Indian Creek with the native Maya and Ketchi traditions, the plants and nature as a whole has always fascinated her. This center is the beginning of a journey into overall health and wellness and beauty Belizean style. Being exposed to American new age and alternative views of healing during her visits to Maine, USA as a teenager has fostered her love and attraction of the healing arts of yoga, crystals, reiki and Ayurveda. Keesha comes from a line of healers including her grandmothers, grandfather (Tomate T) and biological mother, Meredith Martinez. Keesha is a graduate of the Holistic School of Massage and is certified in Reiki Master by Toula Yoga of Iowa, USA. Keesha was also one of the original five therapist trained at Naia Resort and Spa in Placencia.

Amador Marin

A Belizean certified massage therapist with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He brings to the table a fusion of Zen, balance and healing Tai chi. Amador was once an ordained monk. His knowledge of the interconnection of the body, mind and soul in holistic healing and the many benefits of massage makes him a great treasure.